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This is a quick installation guide for Sass with React! After going through the install instructions on the Sass website, I was still not able to start using Sass with React. But then came Google to save the day! This is what worked for me:

// in the console, enter:
npm install node-sass — save
// double check that Sass was installed
sass — version
// then
npm i sass-loader@latest
// and restart the terminal!

That’s it! If you had the same problem as me, I hope this solution helped you as well!

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React’s StrictMode is a sort of helper component that helps us write less bug-prone code. It does not render visible UI, but runs checks on its descendents in development mode.

To usee StrictMode, simply wrap your code in the component. In the example below, I’ve called StrictMode in my index.js file.

import React from 'react';import ReactDOM from 'react-dom';import Wrapper from './components/Wrapper';ReactDOM.render(    <React.StrictMode>        <Wrapper />    </React.StrictMode>,    document.getElementById('root'));

Now, my console will warn me if a component is not following some of the recommended practices, if I am using deprecated methods, or of any other potential risks.

StrictMode is particularly useful in wrapping suspicious code blocks while debugging. The next time you are debugging in React, try it out!

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